This one time I had a shoe on my head.

This one time I had a shoe on my head.”

“Not Our To Change” Title Explained

Who are you?

My name is Will. I came from the hood.


How old are you?

18. But I was born on a leap year on February 29th, so technically I’m still 4. Jk, that’s a lie.


Where are you from?

Born in Memphis Tennessee—the STD capitol of the world. (Don’t you like how I wasn’t joking about coming from the hood?) Currently live in Nashville, but going to College in Provo, Utah.


Where are you going to college?

Brigham Young University (BYU), one of the most homophobic colleges in the US.


What type of music do you like?

Retro-indie folk rock operas mostly. I haven’t found any yet, but I feel like I would really like that if it existed. Meanwhile, I favor indie-rock and alternative bands, though I crush hard on the band OK GO. (mostly their older stuff) Other interests: Kishi Bashi, The Strokes, White Rabbits, Vampire Weekend, Ben Folds, The Features, Jack Johnson, Little Comets, Neutral Milk Hotel, Walk the Moon, and the Pigeon Detectives.


Wait, are you actually gay?

Um… yeah? Last time I checked.


Are you colorblind?

How did you know? Why yes, yes I am.


Are FAQs stupid?

Yeah. But if you have any infrequently asked questions, I am so there. Check out the Stalk Me page.


14 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Attention fellow blogger:

    You are about to receive a form letter (because I am too lazy to type individual emails for all 15 of you recipients), Before you dismiss this as spam or some kind of bad joke, hear me out.

    You may know me. You may not. It doesn’t matter. YOU have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

    There are rules and stuff for accepting it, and they are a bit of a pain, but the sentiment is sincere. I only nominated bloggers I thought deserved it, bloggers I thought other people would want to read, bloggers who inspired me in some way.

    You don’t have to accept, of course, but I hope you’ll enjoy knowing you inspired someone. You can find my post here: http://wp.me/s4SyV3-vib

    All My Love,
    Jennifer (aka Ms. Monsterful)

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    • Thank you for the follow! This is a very interesting point-of-view for me and in my own way I’m an outsider in the society I live in, so I can identify with that bit. Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

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  2. Well well, thank you so much for following my blog!!! Who knew if I would ever had found this little gem of a blog… sorry ‘little’ was not the word I was looking for… let’s just say ‘gem’! Love the humour and message!!! thanks again! Look forward to reading and yes… I will be stalking you!

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  3. I love Walk the Moon too!
    Anyway, you’re a really great writer and your family seems to be really close-knit. I’m really looking forward to reading more of your stuff. Keep writing!
    P.S. College wouldn’t be as bad as expected, though I wouldn’t say it’s easy to be who you are and still be accepted by the people around you.

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